Thornburn – a short history

Manchester valuation specialist Thornburn & Company has recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. Since 1955, when the firm of chartered valuation surveyors was first established by Stanley Thornburn, it has successfully developed into a modern niche practice, offering valuations of industrial and commercial assets for insurance and financial accounting purposes.


Stanley Thornburn was the talented product of an engineering family, his father serving as an engineer at Crossley Motors, leading builders of cars and buses in the early part of the twentieth century. At the end of the Second World War Stanley joined his uncle’s business, Thornburn Egerton, a local firm of industrial valuers specialising in the textile industry. Recognising himself as an entrepreneur and with considerable drive and enthusiasm, Stanley was to set up his own business, Thornburn & Co, in the mid 1950’s. In this his aim was to move away from underpinning the textile sector, and he successfully positioned his new company as valuers of industrial and commercial assets of every kind, encompassing real estate, plant and machinery.


Sadly, few of the original industrial valuation firms survive today, victims of the changes that swept through the industry in the 1970’s and 80’s. Thornburns, however, prospered and adapted. Today, its business encompasses work for all sectors including international corporations, insurance and property companies, charities and educational establishments both in the United Kingdom and in other parts of Europe.


In the twenty-first century Thornburns delivers commitment and excellence to its clients via a comprehensive valuation service. Critically, it still retains a core of those clients who have been with the company for more than 60 years and greatly appreciates the continuing loyalty shown by these successful businesses.


As one of the North West’s foremost firms of chartered valuation surveyors, the company is committed to fully embracing the changes required to meet the demands of a fast moving business climate, including the regulation of professional valuers.


Under the guidance of Arthur Broadhurst, Thornburn & Company is totally dedicated to the task of further developing and actively seeking opportunities to value real estate, machinery and business assets for all purposes, whenever and wherever required.


Further information on this subject can be obtained from Arthur Broadhurst.


About Thornburn & Company:
Thornburn & Company are Chartered Valuation Surveyors providing the highest standards of excellence in professional valuation services across a wide range of industries for more than 60 years.

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